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This Home is the Love Child of a Cottage and Sleek Apartment

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Move over microhomes, houses-within-a-houses, and pile o' box architecture, the latest runaway trend du jour comes in the form of sweet, unassuming cottages hiding ridiculously minimalist interiors. This 473-square-foot farmhouse in Girona, Spain—called Villa CP—is no exception, thanks to the Barcelona-based Zest Architecture firm. The firm restored the home's stone wall exterior to working order, but made sure to leave "all its scars" and various imperfections intact, so as not to have the place appear brand new. On the inside, minimalist decor and cement walls pair with exposed beams and what can only be described as, well, "artfully rusted" detailing. Take a closer look at the old-meets-new home, below:

· Villa CP / Zest Architecture [Arch Daily]