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Pattern-Clashing Brooklyn House Cannot Be Out-Whimsied

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Photographers Cassandra Warner and Jeremy Floto insist their two-story house in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood was a "wreck" when they did their first walk-through, but apparently something about the space's exposed brick and light-catching interiors felt like home. From there all they needed to do was spray paint the family room in gold polka dots, figure out where to put the papier mâché dog, paint the foosball table black, and slick all their favorite varieties of wallpapers—regimented boxes meeting gold florals at room corners—onto the bedrooms. Spotlighted in the most recent issue of New York Design Hunting, the house of Floto+Warner is perhaps the most recklessly playful (yet still beautiful) house in Brooklyn, a part of New York City famous for its reckless play (and human-sized hamster wheels—but that's a story for another day.)

While the first floor goes for "classic, meditative, and serene," Warner tells the magazine they "treated the upstairs the way we dress the kids—clashing patterns, lots of color." Their family room walls—"we started experimenting and thought polka dots would be sort of interesting," Floto says—are just the beginning: the area by the foosball table (painted silver, gold, and black) is punched up with a geometric mural, the bathroom walls are covered ceramic floor tiles that look like wood, and their two daughters' bedrooms gleam with mismatched wallpaper roughed up by vintage rocking chairs. More photos are below, but for the full set you'll have to pick up New York Design Hunting, on newsstands now.

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