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Milan's Air-Cleaning Expo Center is a Big Ol' Smog Catcher

Scheduled to makes its debut at the Milan Expo 2015, this proposed Italy Pavilion by Rome-based studio Nemesi & Partners could purify the city with a brilliant façade made from "air-cleaning cement." Besides its visual appeal—the team designed the building in "the image of a petrified forest"—the exterior also "captures certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts," helping to rid the city of smog. Because of this insanely cool, eco-friendly power, the the six-story, 139,930-square-foot center will remain a permanent building even after the expo is done, housing exhibitions, event spaces, and offices full time. On top of the structure, there's a vaulted roof equipped with lounge space and observation decks. Take a peek at the spindly, green construction project of the future, this way:

· Italy unveils permanent Milan Expo pavilion that will "purify the atmosphere from smog" [Dezeen]