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America's Most Boldly Brutal Home Wants $1.5M Or Else

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Location: Pittsburgh, Penn.
Price: $1,500,000
The Skinny: Abandon hope, ye who enter here—unless you're a dysthymic grad student who totes around a dog-eared copy of Kierkegaard's "The Concept of Anxiety" to help ward off any unwelcome visitation of positive feels, you'll likely find this Pennsylvania home one of the most oppressive abodes this side of Dracula's castle. As designed by prolific Brutalist architect Tasso Katselas (whose work includes numerous public housing blocks that make the infamous Pruitt-Igoe estate seem positively cheerful in comparison), this monument to monumentalism consists mainly of poured concrete, exposed bricks, and gloomy interiors, possessing all the grace and charm of Lenin's Tomb. It succeeds entirely at being the perfect residence for those inclined to turtleneck sweaters and long sessions of chin-stroking contemplation of the hostility of the Universe, and less so at addressing more bourgeois concerns like affording comfort and livability. There are five bedrooms in which to lay abed reading Emily Dickinson, and a pool whose slide descends into a sun-bleached tarpaulin, which is probably a metaphor for something. It's asking $1.5M.

· 1616 Powers Run Rd, Pittsburgh, Penn. [Trulia]
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