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'Edgy and Dramatic' Reno Makes for an Eye-Popping 'After'

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Photos via Domaine

Here's a project to inspire those whose hearts tick for the well-marbled gleam and noir glam of Kelly Wearstler-style interiors. Designer and blogger Christine Dovey (of Bijou and Boheme) transformed a client's drab family room into a shellacked, "refined" space worthy of "my client's amazing square grand piano," the designer writes. She wanted to create something "soaked in history and huge in both scale and presence [...] I wanted the place to be pretty…and by pretty, I mean: modern, layered, edgy and dramatic." How'd she do it? In six weeks she installed custom moulding, patterned marble floors, and items like a mirrored console, distended black lamps, and a lucite coffee table.

Photos via Domaine

The full suite of 'after' shots are over at Bijou and Boheme.

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