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Spacey, Surreal 'Valley of the Moon' Ranch Wants $12.5M

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Location: Clinton, Montana
Price: $12,500,000
The Skinny: Smack dab in the middle of Montana's remote and oh-so-scenic Valley of the Moon is this spacey, ultra-modern ranch designed by Argentinean architect and industrial designer Emilio Ambasz, one of the early pioneers of green architecture. Like many of his buildings—and in keeping with his signature "green over the gray" style—the five-bedroom, 10,000-square-foot main house is partially subterranean, having been built into one of the valley's rolling hillsides. Just across the lake from the main house is a striking art gallery (also built into a hill) with a circular sculpture garden as an entryway, and beyond that is an archetypal James Turrell sculpture complete with sky-facing viewing aperture and trademark "did it just get really purple in here or am I stroking out?" slow-mo light show. In addition to the architectural delights on offer, the ranch comes with 1,400 acres of forest, trout-filled creeks, and a glassy 1,800-square-foot guest home. Why the decor of this remarkable manse is so utterly and completely disappointing is a mystery, but for a buyer with $12.5M and an Ikea credit card, all can soon be made right with the world.

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