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Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses Are a Thing That People Want

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Tiny houses are making a big impression on a still-depressed real estate market further restricted by increasing urban sprawl. They're the ideal solution for singles or couples looking to downsize, as well as nomadic dirtbags who prefer to spend their hard-earned cash on gear and trips to the mountains. Ergo, tiny homes on wheels are the ultimate solution for those who follow the seasons/can't make up their minds where to roost longterm.

Such was the case for Greg Parham, an avid young outdoorsman, architect, and builder. Back in 2011, while pinching pennies, Parham decided that downsizing to a tiny house was up his alley, and in April, 2013, he launched his Durango-based company, Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses.

Just over a year later, Parham's offering house plans, consulting, partial builds, and custom design (including eco-friendly and/or styley features like vinyl double pane windows, foam insulation, cedar lap siding and trim, pine- built-ins and –slab countertops, propane cooktops and heaters, wet baths with composting toilets, and greywater drainage systems.

Parham currently has two house models available: The Durango, which Curbed Ski featured several months ago- and the Boulder (go to his site for a slideshow of both models). Currently in the works are new designs named for the ski country regions Parham's partial to: Telluride, Whitefish, Front Range, and Grand Teton, among others. Target pricing for a typical 8x16-foot tiny house model with average finishes is roughly $35,000. Try and buy a ski home for that.

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