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This $832K English Cottage Has 'Every Color Imaginable'

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The listing for this £495K ($832K) three-bedroom cottage in the English village of Parkend claims that it "embraces every sphere of color and interpretation imaginable," and from the look of things, it might incorporate a few that go beyond mankind's imaginative capabilities. Such a bright rainbow of a spread has scarcely been seen since the Lisa Frank HQ or the world's only Rainbow Brite museum. This color spree was created by ceramic artist Mary Rose Young, who bought the country home in the late '80s and "has since carried out improvements [ed: up for debate] and additions to suit her own inimitable style and sympathetically retaining many features relevant to its period," including Zebra Octopus chandeliers, "tent rooms," and polka-dotted bunny statues. "We believe that the photos speak for themselves," continues the listing, which also shows a workshop and a two-story outbuilding that speak just as loudly, full of shelves stocked with Young's "unique range of Alice in Wonderland pottery." The rabbit hole awaits:

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