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Snowmass and Basalt Debate Future of Pot Shops, Use Embarrassing Puns

Glenwood Springs may be home to the Roaring Fork Valley's largest grow site, but that doesn't mean the entire region is onboard with weed. The Town Councils of Snowmass Village and Basalt- which currently don't allow recreational pot shops- are debating the subject in a series of hearings. According to The Aspen Times, on May 13, the Basalt Town Council voted in favor of allowing pot shops, as long as they're not located near schools or parks, with the goal of lifting the moratorium on June 25.

At the hearing, Councilman Herschel Ross is quoted as saying, "I don't think we should set up regulations that in any way favor big business. If there are too many pot shops, the market will weed out the weakest." Added Councilman Bernie Grauer, regarding limiting the number of retail outlets, "My concern is possible leakage to juveniles." Eew.

Snowmass would like to extend its moratorium until early 2017, from July 1 of this year. Despite being a ski resort heavily populated by ski bums and service industry employees due to more affordable, higher volume housing, some town officials feel that "approving recreational pot shops will interfere with Snowmass Village's efforts to brand itself as a family-friendly resort."

According to the Aspen Times article, while Aspen, Carbondale and Glenwood Springs allow recreational marijuana stores, "In Basalt, the council must still hash out details on licensing provisions for recreational pot shops." Sounds like someone's been hitting the ganja.

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