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New Jersey's 'Camelot by the Sea' Wants a Lordly $6.5M

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Neither an actual castle nor a sorry knockoff, this New Jersey home nonetheless has a regal collection of titles: Lamport Hall, the Sinclair Estate, and Camelot by the Sea. The listing asserts that it was built in 1920 as "a replica of a castle in England," but the lack of stone walls, crenellated turrets, and a dungeon suggests otherwise. The only thing on display even remotely worthy of King Arthur's stronghold is a suit of armor in the entryway. Still, the interiors of this 10-bedroom abode hit a few flowery high notes, and if the listing is to be believed, it's one of the "most renowned estates" around this particular stretch of the Manasquan River, sitting just a stone's throw from ye olde Manasquan River Golf Club and its 17-hole course. An asking price of $6.499M, down quite a bit from the $8.9M it was listed for in 2010, also gets the next king of this 6,808-square-foot "castle" a guest house, a pool house, and a boat house on a 3.8-acre fiefdom.

· 836 Riverview Drive [Zillow]