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Ron Howard Wants $27.5M for His Dainty Country Estate

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Child star-turned-director Ron Howard, who won the Academy Award for Best Director with A Beautiful Mind but is probably most fondly remembered these days as the Arrested Development narrator, is looking to unload his Shingle-style lakefront home for a hefty $27.5M. He and his wife had the 17,000-square-foot main house built twenty years ago on a 32-acre property in the gated community of Conyers Farm, which sits on the border of Greenwich, Conn. and Armonk, N.Y., and have spent as much time adding on all kinds of fun bonuses. "Everything kept evolving," Howard told the Wall Street Journal, referring to a domed observatory with a professional-grade telescope and a "sports barn" with a full-size tennis court inside. "We built it, and then we said 'how about this, how about that?"

Naturally, there's a spacious popcorn machine-equipped home theater, which is pictured in the listing photos covered in framed posters of Howard's movies. The six-bedroom also comes with paddocks and livestock barns currently home to an ark's worth of fauna ("miniature horses, donkeys, sheep, alpacas, chickens, ducks, five dogs, some 13 rescue cats, fish, a bird named Rover and a big 15-year-old tortoise named Ralph"), and quirkily enough, there's also and indoor saltwater pool based on the one in Howard's 1985 film Cocoon. Anyone remember Cocoon?

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