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What it's Like Renting Seattle's Ultra-Triangular Egan House

Remodelista recently caught up with the guy who's currently living in Seattle's Egan House, a curious, triangular sliver of a thing designed by architect Robert Reichert in 1958. Though it was renovated by a local historic preservation group about a decade go, much of the interiors were left unchanged, creating a rare time capsule and a hefty waiting list of folks eager to move in. Today Alaa Mendili, like many others who've rented out a midcentury modern homes, finds a few flaws among the fantasy, from the "door in the living room that doesn't go anywhere" to the severely angled roofline: "you lose about half the space because of the shape." Still, he tells Remodelista, "the house is so standout that it doesn't need too much in it"—not a bad thing, since he came to town with "only two suitcases and an air mattress"—and the open, lofted layout makes it ideal for entertaining. Have a look, below.

· Living in an Architectural Landmark, Seattle Edition [Remodelista]