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See a 'Blast of Color' in This Technifabulous Parisian Flat

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If you've ever stood at the wall of paint swatches at the hardware store and not known what to do, consider doing what Manish Arora did in his Paris flat: go for all of them. The fashion designer, profiled in the May issue of (the newly revamped) Lonny, overhauled a traditional prewar apartment into the modern, spare, and color-filled space shown here, complete with "a freewheeling mural comprising fish-scale patterns, cartoon hearts, and a bubbly typographic treatment"; midcentury chairs paired with more modern materials such as Perspex, which serves as a table base; walls swathed in a fashionista's spring nail polish shades (tangerine, teal, berry, and periwinkle); silver and neon-orange kitchen cabinetry designed by Arora's architect, Antoine Pradels; and a spectacular room divider composed of rainbow-hued tiles from India. As one might expect from a person who lives in this sort of place, Arora is something of a character, laying forth for Lonny his personal design commandments, from furniture ("Everything is see-through or lean and thin so that light is reflected in as many places as possible") to collections ("I feel comfortable in the clutter. I feel strange and scared in an empty space") to palette ("I'm scared of too much white"). View the living room below, then head to Lonny for the full gallery.

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