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Clichéd Igloo in Alaskan Wilderness Wants $300,000

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All photos by Sandwich Girl via Flickr

An igloo in Alaska won't win you any originality points in the architecture world, but this dilapidated, 80-foot-tall structure is begging for someone to perform the ultimate flip. Built more than forty years ago out of plywood and urethane, the $300,000 igloo (a potential hotel?) was never completed and has since become a magnet for curious tourists and graffiti taggers. It's located on the popular Parks Highway en route to Denali National Park, and its current owner believes that with some elbow grease (and a few million dollars), a new owner could transform the eyesore into an "eye-catching seasonal restaurant" or green hotel. Buyers beware, there's no available electricity, time has taken its toll, and the structure is looking a little rough. The igloo has been on and off the market for six years now, but luckily for kitsch-lovers everywhere, there are no plans to demolish it even if it doesn't sell soon.

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