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It's Time to Snag a Summer Dome Home in the Swiss Alps

Right now dome homes are having themselves a bit of a moment; architects are dreaming up contemporary prefab options, tourists are flocking to eco—ugh so sorry for this word—"glamping" huts just outside of London, and essayists are declaring them a pivotal part of architecture's "decent stab at sexual utopia." Now, just as summer starts sneaking peeks around the doorway, there's word via Design Boom that a smattering of stove-heated dome dwellings have populated an eye-wellingly beautiful part of the Swiss Alps. The Whitepod Summer Escape includes 15 domes (five of which have a second-floor "mezzanine" for families) polka-dotted on a grassy hill. Each dome, made of triangular pine panels, comes with a bathroom, private porch, personal stove, and access to the sauna. Perhaps luxury vacation rentals are not quite what Buckminster Fuller, the architect who popularized this style of dome building in the '40s and '50s, had intended for his design, but presumably it's hard to think of any of that when you're surrounded by, in Architizer's words, "a fantasy-like landscape that looks straight out of The Sound of Music."

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