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'Ultimate McMansion' Takes Cues From 1980s Theater Lobbies

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While the most enduring complaint people have about McMansions is that they all look exactly the same, that simply isn't true of this $3.87M South Barrington, Ill. estate. Instead the seven-bedroom, 21,000-square-foot giant just so happens to look exactly like every 1980s movie theater ever built, complete with airplane hangar proportions, glowing neon lights, and extremely questionable carpet choices. Astutely pegged by Curbed Chicago as "the ultimate McMansion," the listing boasts such highly unnecessary perks as a 3,000-square-foot rec room, multiple kitchens, and Sistine Chapel-esque murals atop the 40-foot-heigh ceilings. Outside the property also comes with a private beach, a six-car garage, and some rather dull, uninspired landscaping. Find a few more shots (and one more horrible run pattern) below, then head over to Curbed Chicago to see the entire gallery.

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