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Sting's 'Immaculate' London Townhouse is Up for Grabs

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The Real Estalker has heard word (perhaps from a Message in a Bottle) that Sting, he of 11 Grammys and a one well-styled New York City apartment, has put his London townhouse on the market for an undisclosed asking price (undoubtedly for what amounts to Fields of Gold). Per the listing, the seven-bedroom, 8,500-square-foot home sits on "one of prime Central London's most aesthetically attractive streets of striking Georgian and Queen Anne architecture," and comes "presented in immaculate condition." To be sure, it does indeed look about as immaculate as Architectural Digest found it back in 2010.

Before Sting and his wife, actress and philanthropist Trudie Styler moved in, they tapped architect Lee F. Mindel and restoration architect Anthony Close-Smith to renovate the eighteenth-century abode, which comes with a "grand entrance hall and staircase, two 4 window wide principal reception rooms, a family room of similar proportions and a passenger lift providing ease of access to all floors." The place most definitely does not come with the pair of Yves Klein coffee tables or the Matisse and Picasso works it's pictured with, but the stylish couple has done mighty fine work in here, so do have a look.

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