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Book a Holy Retreat at This Shipping Container Microhome

What's the trendiest, greenest, and holiest proposed building project on the horizon? Why that would have to be Skit 2014, a cross-shaped, shipping container microhome built as a study retreat for "a cleric or a layman." Designed by Georgian architect Dachi Papuashvili, the proposed structure is made from two stacked shipping containers and aims to be entirely self-sufficient, with Solar panels for heating, a rainwater collection system, and a composting toilet. According to the architect, even the four-story cross shape was chosen based on its peak functionality, and not, say, its Christian implications.

Using only reclaimed materials, the exterior of the building is made from timber, with a corrugated iron roof, while the maze-like interior looks to be clad in a pale wood. Outside, there are two observation decks and a massive porch—all of which Papuashvili suggests might be used for "scientific or translating work" or "icon painting" (or tanning!) Take a closer look at the rather idyllic, if deeply odd project, this way.

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