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'Tuscan' NYC Apartment Goes Heavy on the Theme Rooms

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For the truly discerning buyer looking for a "fantasy" NYC villa to call their own, consider this three-bedroom, pizza slice-shaped listing that the brokerbabble describes as "saturated with wonderment, warmth, charm and a touch of Tuscany." On the market for $5.395M, the five-story townhouse seems in the midst of an identity crisis, not quite reading Italian countryside—despite such autentico touches as imported marble mantels, a "custom farmhouse sink," three wood-burning fireplaces, and a hand-made copper tub—but even more out of place in the bustling metropolis than some of the city's strangest offerings to date. It's surely the glut of highly-themed rooms that's causing the confusion here, as there appears to be a miniature Versailles salon, an equestrian guest room, and a romance novel-esque master bedroom all crammed into the 2,800-square-foot layout. Take a peek through the lively listing photos, below:

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