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This Painfully Chic Copenhagen Oasis Was a School in 1893

Photos by Birgitta Wolfgang Drejer via Dom & Wnetrze

Pocketed in the flurry of Denmark's capital, this house was built as a school for boys in the late 1800s, though was completely converted by a ballsy Danish couple. "It was like a big playground, providing unlimited possibilities for creation," Jon, a music producer, tells Polish interiors blog Dom & Wnetrze. Upon first getting a tour, the pair were immediately transfixed by the building's dusty brick structure, not to mention the quietness of having a courtyard in the heart of the city. "Silence is a real luxury for us," Jon says. Inside, the owners have collected disjointed pieces of modern art—a bear with a party hat over his face, for example—and a textile spread as eclectic as a home display at Urban Outfitters. Jon's vinyl collection is stacked on the wide-plank floors, while the kitchen is as white and pristine as an Ikea catalog. It's an intriguing mix of styles, a cultivated menagerie of personality-filled finds that, as is the case with many beautiful homes, add up to something with less charisma than one may expect from the sum of its parts. Still, it's an amazing conversion (with a heckuva lot of Pinterest potential), so do have a look.

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