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Eat, Pray, Crib: Elizabeth Gilbert Lists N.J. Manse For $999K

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First six photos by Sam Oberter

Location: Frenchtown, N.J.
Price: $999,000
The Skinny: When best-selling memoirist Elizabeth Gilbert begins—as she would no doubt put it—a new chapter in her life, she usually does it with an admirably well-conceived and executed press strategy, and her latest venture is no different: welcome to "Eat, Pray, Crib: One woman's journey to sell her house." Gilbert is selling her New Jersey home of six years for the asking price of $999,000, and in penning an essay to accompany the listing, she shows off her writing chops by crafting no-holds-barred brokerbabble that dovetails seamlessly with her literary style and personal brand. Some choice cuts include her endorsement of the home's "Skybrary" ("This enchanting, unique creative space is too magical to be described, and must be seen to be believed."), her take on what the house needs ("This handsome nine-room, four bedroom, two-and-a-half bathroom house has everything, and needs NOTHING."), and who she'd like to see buy the place ("This is a home for readers, writers, artists, creatives, collectors, inventors, gardeners, dreamers, imaginative children, lovers of beauty.") And why is Gilbert leaving this perfect home? "Because I'm a restless person and I need to move all the time. It's time to move, then!"

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