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Graceful 'Painted Lady' Wants a Painfully Diminished $450K

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Back in 2012, when this classy southern belle first appeared on Curbed Atlanta's radar in the halcyon days of its $1.39M asking price, it was deemed the "grandest Painted Lady" in the metro area. (Consider it a distant cousin to the colorful San Franscisco Victorians that inspired the term.) Fast forward two years and it's been marked down to a mere $450K, which is over $100K less than it sold for in 2000. Perhaps it was overvalued after a short time in the limelight, when it appeared in Disney's The Odd Life of Timothy Green. According to the listing, a "museum style renovation" in 2008 touched up the circa 1842 "Victorian garden room," as well as the "Koy pond, swimming pool, gazebo and 3 car garage," and added "a wonderful chef's kitchen," but it could be that the interiors still aren't quite at the same level as the charming facade. Whatever the case, this four-bedroom former bed and breakfast offers 5,459 square feet of woodwork in cherry, birds eye maple, black walnut, and mahogany, with a nice stained glass window or two, and is touted as "an unbelievable deal" at the current price, as it's insured for over $2M. Here's to a "potential short sale."

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