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Libeskind Churns Out a Heap of Soft Serve Gelato For Milan

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The tireless (pseudo?) starchitect Daniel Libeskind—who just keeps rolling out these oddball building designs, despite what seems like a constant deluge of vitriolic criticism—is at it again with a proposed pavilion for the Milan Expo 2015. Commissioned by a Chinese real estate company called Vanke, the scaly, twisting structure marks a striking departure from Libeskind's usual spiky glass-shard aesthetic, and is apparently meant to channel such sources of inspiration as "the ancient thinking of Confucius and Lao Tzu, the Renaissance, and contemporary art."

Old philosopher guys aside, the building looks like nothing quite so much as a massive helping of soft-serve ice cream, done up in a slightly unappetizing salmon hue. A swooping set of stairs leads up to a rooftop lounge, while on the inside, the space is large enough to house a "virtual forest" installation piece made from 300 multimedia screens. The details and renderings are scant so far but as more information is released, it's a rather safe bet to assume that—as is the case with all Libeskind creations—everyone will really, really love it.

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