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Take a Tour of Le Corbusier's Self-Designed Home and Studio

Legendary Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier would love to show you around his Paris apartment, but this being Le Corbusier, it can't be done without a lecture on how "poetry is in the heart of man and is the capacity to go into the richness of nature." That's the gist of this old BBC news spot unearthed by Archinect, which finds the creator of large-looming modernist works like Villa Savoye and Unité d'Habitation showing off the paintings, sculptures, and drawings filling his two-floor apartment and studio in Immeuble Molitor, a building he designed with Pierre Jeanneret between 1933 and 1934 and occupied until his death in 1965. For the uninitiated, it's also a good primer on his Ideal City, as well as on a self-described "visual man... working with eyes and hands" to make "houses that give sun, space, and green."

· Rare film of Le Corbusier in his Paris home and studio [Archinect]