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101 Dalmatians Could Get Lost Against This Home

Perhaps the spottiest home in all of Melbourne (outdone in global dottiness only by a dizzying Brooklyn brownstone,) this three-bedroom apartment was designed by three twenty-something roommates, an age-group not always known for their, uh, advanced home-decor prowess. Located in an old Art Deco building—which the tenants worked to repair by way of restoration projects in the kitchen and bathroom—the space combines such whimsical, DIY elements as art pieces commissioned by friends, funky pops of vintage, colorful furniture, and bold, geometric wall decals. The spotted dining room, for example, was created with nothing more than a whole lot of stickers. "I did the dots when I was going through a bored design stage," explains a roommate by the name of Adelaide. "The plan was originally to change this space every couple of months into something else –but the dots sort of just stayed!" Take a look around, below:

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