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Come Step Inside the 'Lilliputian Lair' of Refinery29's Editor

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"A grown woman shouldn't be chided for living where she likes," Christene Barberich, editor in chief of lifestyle blog Refinery29 writes in her manifesto defending living small. "In fact, I find [my apartment] pretty charming." And, by golly, her "truly Lilliputian lair" is charming—and charismatic in its approachability, replete as it is in attainable furnishings (a decade-old Ikea loveseat, for example), layered rugs, and stacks of books that include Fodor's guide to Tokyo and The Giving Tree. For R29's feature, Barberich had interior designer Gunnar Larson come in to makeover her scant square-footage, doing minor things like replacing bed linens and opting for more colorful (if still utilitarian) storage options. In the story Barberich waxes poetic about how "sacred" small spaces are, and reveals the "holy trinity for living in tight quarters." (That would be three questions: Do I use it? Do I need it? Do I love it?) "Still, various friends and family can't help mentioning from time to time how 'utterly insane' it is that my husband and I are 'still there.'" Don't listen to 'em!

For the full makeover spread, head on over to Refinery29.

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