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Finally, a Dome Home for Sale with a Pretty Swell Interior

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Despite being rooted in the utopian ideals of Buckminster Fuller, everyone's favorite neo-futurist, most dome homes in America seem to have aged pretty poorly, ending up as shag-filled burnt-orange portals to the most unsightly holdovers of the 1970s. And while this shingle-covered four-bedroom on a small riverside lot in Kenmore, Wash. isn't for everyone—it's probably got one too many bronze fireman's poles and entirely too much taupe for that—it does stand out from its frumpy brethren. Naturally, it's priced accordingly, at $900K, and though the "creative" (read: tiger-stripe carpeted) loft could take some getting used to, the high level of maintenance on this 2,757-square-foot estate should put any misgivings at ease. That or a soak in the enclosed-patio hot tub.

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