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Count Every Last Trendy Decor Element in This Hip Dublin HQ

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Wacky, high-design office spaces are certainly nothing new, but this Dublin HQ for the Verve—a live communication agency that works with the likes of Google, Coca-Cola, and Diageo—may have just taken the whole game to the next level. Instead of choosing one or two unexpected decor elements, like some funky wall art or an errant foosball table, creative director John O'Shaughnessy instead worked tirelessly to combine every official cool office must-have into one competition-crushing super center, all conveniently located within a converted space that—before housing the lucky Verve team—was used first as a candle factory and then an art gallery. Take a stroll through and spot the trends, below:

1. an indoor treehouse.

2. a vintage, stationary automobile.

3. A big ol' nonsensical phrase, done in neon.

4. A dramatic, sweeping entryway.

5. A decorative bookshelf of quirky things.

6. Commissioned graffiti art.

7. A stunning lack of privacy.

8. Another indoor park!

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