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Reign Sovereign of the Woods in France's Treehouse Castles

Called Châteaux Dans Les Arbres, which must translate to something like "castles of untrammeled woodland whimsy" (note: check this), this rural retreat designed by Rémi Bècherel should appeal to fans of aspiring strongholds and branchy building buffs in equal measure. Inhabitat recently dredged up photos of this cutesy four-strong collection of woodland holdfasts, which can be rented for between €225 ($307) and €265 ($362) an evening. All are reached by crossing a surely picturesque but frisson-inducing "moat" via wooden footbridges, but don't think that they all offer the exact same brand of eye ambrosia. Why, there's Cabone Monbazillac which has views of an actual castle nearby and comes stocked with "antiquities from the empires of Asia." Oh, and let's not forget Cabane Milandes, which invites intrepid guests to "discover the splendour of wood in all its simplicity and complexity." Get to know the whole gang this way:

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