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Kimball Art Center's Revamped Design Plans Revealed

Now that the initial design war is over, international firm BIG is hard at work on tweaking the renovation and expansion designs for Park City's much-loved Kimball Art Center. Designboom reports that the initial proposal "sparked some concern amongst the local community." The revised plans now take better into account the funky topography of the prominent downtown intersection, and "maximize the possibilities for public art within the confines of the zoning envelope."

Because the existing structure sits on a diagonal street, sloping angles are a big part of the new design. While designboom uses terms like "urban form" and "parabolic surface" BIG's project sheet suggests inspiration from Park City's mining heritage, as well as a slanted roof that calls to mind traditional ski chalets.

The planned façade is white architectural concrete with cabin-like interlocking wood formwork. Because timber was the main construction material used by the miners who settled the town, wood will play a key role in the interior design. The building is gaining 9,000 extra feet of exhibition space, and all gallery spaces will be viewable from the exterior thanks to vast picture windows. The upstairs galleries will be designed to maximize natural light.

The new art center's height is a nod to Park City's 80-foot-tall Coalition Building, which stood just south of the site for 80 years before burning down in 1982. It was an iconic town landmark; looks like the new Kimball Art Center- with its invaluable community input- will be, too.

Check out a slideshow of the design right here.

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