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Live Like a Reality TV Mogul in This Gilded Palace Rental

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Currently home to Charlie Corwin, the producer of such distinguished television programs as Swamp People, The Rachel Zoe Project and Miami Ink, this 3,200-square-foot NYC apartment is newly on the rental market for $27,500 a month. Swathed in velvet and propped up by exactly as many tacky gold columns one might expect from the guy who routinely allots alligator-hunting outlaws their 15 minutes of fame, the four-bedroom palace comes with such questionable design choices as a bathroom carved from a black marble box, shiny green wallpaper, and dramatic, drippy chandeliers. For those who can stomach such, uh, bold decor, the space does seem to offer huge windows, a state-of-the-art kitchen, a rooftop lounge, and some enviable walk-in closets. Take a look, this way:

· Rent a Reality TV Mogul's Tribeca Pad for $27,500/Month [Curbed NY]