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There's No Grooviness Lost in This Renovated '70s Rainbow Pad

When the Brazilian Studio Guilherme Torres first set to work renovating this 1970s family home in São Paulo, Brazil, they took great pains to radically open up the 3,982-square-foot layout, without sacrificing any of the structure's inherent retro coolness. The focal point for the redesign project thus came to be the walls of lacquered, rainbow cabinetry that pop up in several rooms across the house, which look both sleek in design and slightly vintage in their color palette. Now, each room in the so-called DM House looks modern and clean, though with some decidedly '70s-inspired flair.

In what was formerly a damp cellar, head designer Guilherme Torres carved out space for a living room and kitchen that open directly onto the lush surrounding gardens and swimming pool. Upstairs, the three children's rooms are each done in a singular bright color. Take a cheerful little tour, this way.

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