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Book a Stay in This Interior Designer's Dreamy Island Villa

Tucked away on the island of Tinos in Greece—not far from the more famous Mykonos—this traditional whitewashed beach villa makes for one very appealing little summer rental. Currently available for €385 a night, or $524 a night, the property actually comes with two houses connected by a second-story veranda. Built for Greek Interior Designer Marilyn Katsaris by Zege Architects, the curving, all-white interior walls and bleached wood floors are meant to "look like a sculpture totally in harmony with the story and the landscape of Tinos." While the decor offers a few surprising pops of pastel—including a sky-blue ceiling and some sweet pistachio-colored kitchen appliances—the stylish furnishing is otherwise almost monastically simple. Scrolling through the listing photos alone feels like a mini-vacation, so do have a look:

· An Aegean Idyll on a Greek Island [Remodelista]