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The Burrell Mansion, a 130-Year-Old Survivor, Asks $1M

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Location: Little Falls, N.Y.
Price: $1,000,000
The Skinny: Any home that reaches 130 years of age is bound to have stories, but the remarkable tale of historic Burrell Mansion is epic in its breadth and scope. Built in 1889 on a hill overlooking the city of Little Falls, N.Y., and a narrow, turbulent stretch of the Mohawk River, the 26-room, 18,000-square-foot Victorian manse was the home of pioneering industrialist and inventor David Burrell, whose contributions to the corpus of human innovation include the seamless cheese bandage, an improved ensilage silo, and a wholly (thankfully!) cattle-unrelated oil burner, the first proven to be safe and reliable. So, a remarkable man, and a remarkable home for him: as designed by the wonderfully named Archimedes Russell, it boasted such futuristic amenities as a hydroelectric plant, an elevator, and an indoor swimming pool. After Russell's death in 1919 the home stayed in the family for some years, later operating as a B&B until 2002, when the home and everything in it—up to and including the light fixtures—was auctioned off, essentially dooming the home to slow and steady ruination at the hands of the elements. The nearly dilapidated mansion (now rumored to be haunted), dodged complete structural collapse when it was purchased by investors in 2009, and now once again operates as a B&B. It's asking $1M.

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