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Shigeru Ban's Pet Project is Now a Clubhouse for Architects

Every summer, like the petticoated wives and bonneted children of long-dead aristocrats, some lucky architects spend at least part of the season in between the copses of trees in the fields of central France, though instead of playing croquet, hunting pheasants, and fanning themselves with embroidered hankerchiefs saying "I say we really must get Margaret Fairfax out here, she says if she has to spend one more summer at the Henley Royal Regatta, she'll never come out of the house," they're participating in super cool architecture summer camp, wherein workshops about "the soul of furniture" and "the nameless structure" are taught on the lawns of Domaine de Boisbuchet, a 19th-century estate. It's here where one can find Europe's first permanent work by cardboard overlord and Pritzker Winner Shigeru Ban. Built in 2001 with 24 international students at Boisbuchet, the structure sits in the fruit garden of the country house, its recycled paper tube structure enclosed with aluminum and translucent tarpaulin (waterproof tarp). This makes the structure (1) usable in winters and (2) virtually permanent, only notable because Ban is known for making biodegradable structures. Now it's used by the summer camp Boisbuchet to house temporary installations and conferences. Take a look, below.

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