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Circa-1710 Farm with 100 Acres and a Hedge Maze Asks $10.5M

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A property listing says it, so it must be true: "some people" say that Twin Silo Farm is "perhaps the most beautiful property in Bucks County. Could those people be interior decorator Andrew Hartnagle and retired investment banker Wayne Stork, who bought the much-added-to circa-1710 stone farmhouse for $4.1M back in 1988, and have since elevated it to the ornately appointed state it's pictured in today? If so, it'd be hard to begrudge them a bit of pride in their baby. Even leaving the residence aside, the 100-acre grounds alone are gorgeous enough to command a $20 price of admission (with all proceeds going to something called Bucks Beautiful Bulbs). To wit, said grounds, which were part of the original William Penn Land Grant, contain a "resort-style heated pool," a "spa," a "privately situated tennis court," a "tranquil pond of more than 2 acres," a "small scale barn," "ample green space for grazing animals," an "entertainment pavilion with reflecting pond," and the pièce de résistance, a "whimsical full-scale hedge maze." An impressive hunk of green, to be sure, but can it earn this estate a $10.5M ask?

The 6,756-square-foot, six-bedroom fieldstone home is named after the two stone silos added on to it back in 1781. Only the "highest quality materials and finishes" have been used therein, and according to the listing, what this amounts to inside is a "cozy English sensibility." But anyway, to the lawn:

· 5727 Twin Silo Road [Zillow]