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This World Cup, Rent Soccer Star Ronaldinho's Mansion in Rio

Super famous footballer Ronaldinho, the Brazilian forward thought of as one of the best soccer players of his generation (he's 34), just punted his mansion in Rio de Janeiro onto Airbnb, hoping to rent it out—starting at $15,437 a day, NBD—to well-heeled soccer fans flocking to the city for this summer's World Cup. According to the listing, the "stunning home" sleeps eight, with five bedrooms and six bathrooms. The glory, though, is in the amenities: hammocks, a yoga room, a "unique stage to do a cool pagoda with friends," a "special refrigerator for beer," and recommendations from Ronaldinho himself: "I will not be in Rio during the period," he writes, "but I'll leave all the recommendations with the staff of my team who will be available when you need it. The details can be worked per message." Got $290K, an itch to lay in the hammock of a sports star, and a thirst for "cool padogas" with your seven intolerably rich friends? It's all within reach, provided of course you pass the profile search and identity verification upon arrival.

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