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Bjarke Ingels' First-Ever Restaurant is an Explosion of Patterns

Architecture it-boy Bjarke Ingels recently put his resorts, apartment complexes, and fanciful teacup projects on hold to collaborate with Jakob Lange, a partner at Ingel's own BIG firm, and Scandinavian designer Lars Larsen on one very funky restaurant in Copenhagen. Called llama, the brand-new South American bistro marks the starchitect's first-ever foray into the wild world of high-design restaurants. Housed in a previously unused basement space, the interiors are almost completely covered in a dizzying array of hand-painted Mexican tiles, with a central bar and enough simple black tables and chairs to seat 180 guests.

According to the team, the style is meant to fuse "Scandinavian heritage" with "traditional Latin American vernacular." Find a full gallery of the remarkably light-filled, outlandishly patterned project, right this way.

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