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Nantucket's Most Expensive Estate Returns Hoping for $35M

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Will the third time be a charm for Nantucket's Swain's Neck? When the mega-estate first hit the market back in May 2012, the hefty $59,000,000 asking price made it the priciest single-family in New England, but it turned out such bragging rights weren't enough to lure in a buyer. A September chop brought the ask down $10 million to $49,000,000, but no such luck. After a winter break, the nearly 70-acre waterfront spread returned in March 2013 with a broker switch and a new $47,500,000 price tag. Alas, 260 Polpis Road once again failed to lure a proper suitor and again took a few months off (we're told there were two offers during the listing's winter/spring sabbatical, but obviously, none that the seller was interested in entertaining). This third swing at bat has the estate being offered with less land and a much lowered ask.

Swain's Neck can now be purchased as a still-massive 56-acre property (here's a video to prove it) for a still-hefty, but PriceChopper Hall of Fame-worthy, $35,000,000. Naturally, there's an option to purchase an adjacent 6-acre waterfront parcel should a deep-pocketed buyer be so inclined. So there's that.
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