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Nab a 'Gracious' Piece of Kentucky History for $1.495M

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According to the marketing material, this "1865 historic Kentucky landmark property" on a "prestigious street" is chock full of "features that can only be found in such a one of a kind property." Presumably, this refers to things like the limestone-trimmed brick facade, the ornate woodwork (which includes a charming woodland sprite perched atop one bannister), and the salmon-colored, taxidermy-filled dining room. None of these things are confined only to this kind of property, but they do look mighty fine here, probably due to the fact that this four-bedroom has only been owned by two or three families in its history (accounts differ). Known as the Laidley House, this 9,000-square-foot mansion was built by Frederick Alexander Laidley, a prominent businessman and steamboat magnate. Last sold in 1975 for $66.5K, it was listed in July of 2013 for $2.2M, and has since been whittled down to $1.495M.

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