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Count the Top Hats and Monocles in Romania's Steampunk Pub

Decked out in top hat light fixtures, monocled taxidermy, and a heaping dose of exposed mechanical parts, the Joben Bistro in Cluj-Napoca, Romania is a magnificent addition to the so-far very limited pool of steampunk-inspired restaurants. Designed by Romanian studio 6th Sense, the pub aims to look both cozy and industrial at once (no small feat), with copper pipes and lights and rustic, distressed wood furniture. The walls are crowded with pseudo-Victorian art and what might be described as a "retro-futuristic" LED blimp, which gives the back rooms a spooky glow. In all, the space is surely bewildering for anyone unfamiliar with the science fiction sub-genre, and pretty neat to those with well-thumbed copies of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. Take a look:

· Steampunk Joben Bistro Pub Inspired by Jules Verne's Fictional Stories [Freshome]