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NYC's Most Baffling Post-Modern Palace Wants $40M

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Summed up by an anonymous tipster as a "$40M tear-down," this bonkers five-story apartment in NYC is looking for the right eccentric buyer to come along. Built in 1941 by architects William Hamby and George Nelson, who was also a member of the Architecture Committee of the Museum of Modern Art, the home has what Curbed NY graciously refers to as a "non-traditional floorplan." All the rooms connect through a maze of ramps that wind through the mostly open layout and out onto a series of narrow balconies. In its insistence in meshing postmodern and classical pieces, the decor proves no less puzzling, especially in one particularly unfortunate bedroom with mirrors on the ceilings and what looks like flowery carpeting on the walls. Tour the entire deeply confusing abode, below:

· Lenox Hill's Ramped-Up Postmodern Manse Wants $40M [Curbed NY]
· Lenox Hill's Ramped-Up Postmodern Manse Wants $40M [Curbed NY]