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Neon Vegas 'Caddyshack' is a Wonderland of 1950s Kitsch

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Las Vegas homes seldom do things by halves. Whether it's overwrought sprawls to make Liberace blush, Cirque du Soleil funhouses, or candy-colored magician's pads, the best of Vegas real estate is the built equivalent of a feather plume headpiece on a Tina Turner wig. This fluorescent green 1962 bungalow is no exception: the kitchen is highlighter orange, the floors a shiny avocado, the bathrooms turquoise with pops of red. Out in the back it's even more exciting: a fire pit, pool (half of which is shallow enough to sit in), and pokey splotches of putting green. In all, it provides a Rat Pack-era aesthetic on steroids, the kind of midcentury frivolity that makes it a crime for its owners not to throw parties fueled by stiff Manhattans and lit cigars. The best part? It's four bedrooms, 1,720 square feet, and just $279,900. Viva. Las. Vegas.

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