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Connecticut's Darkest, Doomiest Country Manor Asks $17M

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Location: Greenwich, Conn.
Price: $17,250,000
The Skinny: The genteel exterior of this Georgian manse in the bucolic hinterlands of Greenwich belies its cold, eerie, contemporary interior, where an attempt at livening up the gray interiors with a smattering of blood-red furnishings and a recurring motif of staring, ever-watchful eyes only adds to the disconcerting aura of the place: if Patrick Bateman had eventually married Evelyn and moved to a home in the 'burbs because the schools were better and the taxes lower, this could be the place. Highlights of the unusual décor include a chrome human skull that rests insouciantly on a kitchen counter, some of the deadliest looking lighting fixtures known to man (courtesy of Diego Chilò), and the kind of unsettling stuffed animals whose presence in the bedroom would inspire most kids to sleep with one eye open, lest the fuzzy little beasts come alive at night to exact their revenge for being dyed hot pink. The 22-room manor, which has seven bedrooms, eight bathrooms, and a thoroughly mellow-harshing vibe, is asking $17.25M.

· 547 Lake Avenue, Greenwich, Conn. [Houlihan Lawrence]
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