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Pallet-Covered Container Home is a Green Manifesto

In It's Not Easy Being Green, Curbed pulls back the curtain on cutting-edge, environmentally friendly design, from urban passive houses to green tweaks on suburban living. Have a suggestion for an upcoming column? Pass it along.

With a name like "Manifesto House," Chilean architecture firm James & Mau Arquitetura would have a lot to live up to with this modular prefab, but seeing as they made it out of shipping containers and shipping pallets, they can probably get away with just about anything. These two recycled materials du jour were brought together for the inaugural project of Infiniski, their new green construction company. "It is Infiniski's spearhead," says a project statement. "Just as the F-1 is for the car industry." And what does it have in store to fulfill such a tall order? Why, that'd be a system of palette shutters that can be opened and shut to passively mediate the temperature of its metal interior.

As the firm tells it, the project is centered around eco-friendly design concepts like "Forms Follow Energy" and "Dress and Undress." Can't say we've heard of the second one! But with hinged screens and sliding glass doors on each side of the first floor, it looks like it nails that oft sough-after "indoor-outdoor experience" pretty well, and the square footage looks pretty generous for a shipping container project. Not counting the obvious outliers, of course.

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