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Gropius-Designed Bauhaus Homes Given Spartan Revivals

A pair of faculty residences at the legendary Bauhaus school's Dessau Campus that were bombed in World War II have been recreated with some pretty stark alterations to Walter Gropius' original formula. Unveiled on what would've been the inaugural modernist's 131st birthday, these two Meisterhäuser have been pared back to an even more austere version of their minimalist designs, with their windows painted over with an opaque wash, putting the project somewhere between recreation and memorial. As renovation architect José Gutierrez explained to the Guardian, the ghostly aesthetic is a rumination on the idea that "memory lives off blurriness and imprecision."

"We wanted to create something playful and light, nothing too heavy," continued Gutierrez. "An innocent glance at Germany's painful past." Head to Arch Daily for more on the project.

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