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Louis C.K. Grabs Babe Ruth's East End Getaway for $2.44M

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Emmy-decorated funnyman and virtuoso of the beleaguered frown Louis C.K. just dropped $2.44M on the 1901 Shelter Island Tudor where Babe Ruth used to summer. Keen viewers of Louie, the Beckett-like single-camera comedy series he writes, directs, edits, and stars in, will remember that the second half of the season four premiere was set in the Hamptons, where C.K.'s fictionalized counterpart bombed opening for Seinfield at a fancy dinner and went back to a Myron Goldfinger-designed home with an astronaut's daughter. Well now the real-life Louie is setting down nearby, in a six-bedroom abode full of fine period details (the New York Post reports that he's "excited to renovate") on two waterfront acres.

"Excellent taste, Louis." >>