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The Novogratz Are Selling! Anybody Got a Spare $22.5M?

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Prolific—read: house paint, paper architecture, HGTV shows, and, you know, seven children—husband-and-wife design duo Bob and Cortney Novogratz are once again trying to sell their home base in New York's West Village, a townhouse that, according to the brokerbabble, has "raised the bar on the standard of unpretentious luxury." Even after a thorough broker-sanctioned stripping of the interiors, hallmarks of the designers are everywhere: contemporary photography (a collection they ransacked to decorate W Hotel's nightclub across the river in Hoboken, N.J.), avant-garde lighting fixtures, an indoor basketball court, and more. Despite the house's five bedrooms, fancy-pants roof deck, and really just obscene river views, the pair have been struggling to unload it all since 2009, when they listed it for $25M. From there it dropped as low as $17.45M before being swept off the market. Now it's re-listed, with a brand spanking new elevator and a brand spanking new $22.5M. price tag.

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