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Inside Jeweler Alexis Bittar's Antiques-Filled NYC Pad

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Given the Lucite, Swarovski, and bright, bling-y metals of Alexis Bittar's jewelry line, it comes as a bit of surprise that his NYC apartment, featured now on, has nary a glitzy anything in sight. Instead, Bittar's home is filled with sturdy wooden antiques, textiles ranging from tribal (a throw) to Persian (a rug), and an eclectic assortment of art (including a "provocative Victorian painting of a woman in mourning he labels as "bizarre"). While a forearm-full of enormous plastic neon bangles and these chilled-out interiors may seem to have been birthed by different creatures, Bittar points out that "in my jewelry color palette that I mirror sensibilities in some of the paintings that I have. For example, I'll use a dash of red as an accent instead of a majority." Then: "I think some people come over and think the things I own are creepy."

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