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Super-Foldable NYC Studio Pops Up Asking $469K

The famous folding apartment of New York City third-grade teacher Eric Schneider has taken the stage once again, and for its next trick, it proposes to turn a host of cool, space-saving customizable features into $469K. Schneider bought the 450-square-foot Upper West Side digs in for $235K in 2005, and then paid $70K to have architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson of Normal Projects add in a rectangular box that can transform in enough ways to make the place a "four-room" studio. By 2014 standards it's not the foldin'-est apartment in New York City—that distinction might go to TreeHugger and LifeEdited founder Graham Hill's über-configurable wonderpad, which is still seeking $995,000—but it still holds court with the most adjustable urban abodes, and wears blue pretty well, to boot. As one Curbed NY commenter points out, it's also "further proof that even studio apartments can have lots of windows and light -- along with cross-ventilation." Peruse the listing shots below, or take the video tour, this way.

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